Being “Confident” Isn’t Enough To Get You Laid

Hey, Quick note about one of the biggest lies in attracting and seducing women.

How many times have you heard that confidence is what separates the men from the boys?

How by giving off an alpha-male ultra-confident vibe… sexy-hot women will rush toward you.

So not true.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons so many dating guides and guru courses FAIL to deliver results for you.

They’re just scratching the surface.

Jason Capital is deep-diving into the realm of intense, unlimited, never-ending attraction and seduction… no matter what you look like, how old you are, or what car you drive…

See, it’s not confidence that pulls in hot women like bees to honey…

… it’s non-neediness.

THAT is what they instantly sense, pick-up on and get turned on by.

And THAT is what makes women want YOU above anybody else.

Find out how to tap into your reserves of non-neediness and flip the switch from chick-repeller to chick-magnet PLUS…

4 more strategies you can use right NOW to get more hot ass than you can handle.

Dean Cortez