College Dating 101

College dating and relationships are a completely different game from your high school involvements. Here are a few things I have learned about college dating during my freshman year.

Prospects are diverse

Some people prefer to seduce, kiss or have sex without making a vow to you. If you are a “relationship” person, you should make sure to be straightforward and talk with the person you’re attracted in long term dating. Many times people aren’t clear on what kind of relationships they’re in until it is too late to reexamine the consequences.

You may be knowledgeable enough in this section and perhaps you’re contented with hook-ups that don’t result in affairs. If that’s the case, you should be strait forward and let your interest know that you aren’t engrossed in pursuing a long term promise.

Dating is more off-the-cuff in college

People date insouciantly and some people you start out dating you may eventually find out they’re great friends. People are more contented approaching each other for. Make sure, as I stated before, to let your interest know what you’re contented with and what you aren’t. If you do have casual sex, use protection. You should know already to use protection, but many people don’t. Use your brain not just your parts!

Certain people only want sex

Freshmen in college are fledgling and just starting to try new things at first. There are plenty of more skilled upperclassmen who know you’re new and want to take advantage of that. Some guys will be grandees, some guys want to sleep with you and continue a relationship, some want only sex and to never speak again. If you are ethically opposed to sex outside of marriage or you simply aren’t ready tell your new prospect your feeling immediately. If he or she perseveres and puts pressure on you to do anything you aren’t ready for, that isn’t the person for you and you’re better off without that burden.

Don’t date friends’ Exes

In some cases dating friends’ exes is entirely acceptable. If she or he is a close friend, this is probably a bad move. Depending on how long the two dated and what terms they are on now, it is typically best to steer clear of your best friends’ exes.

If they didn’t date long, the break-up was communal, they’re still genuine friends, and you’re not too close with the friend, it may be tolerable but you should speak to your friend before making a move to see how he or she feels about the situation.

There really are more fish in the sea

College is full of diverse kinds of people from different places, with diverse interests. It is vital to make a variety of friends and contacts because when a relationship doesn’t work, you have a ton of other chances to have escapades with other people. So you get forsaken? Go hang out with your other group of friends.

The atmosphere is freer

At parties, there will be drinking and fewer limitations. No parents to tell you what to do, no curfew, no one to keep you in check. With that in mind, you should have fun but be cautious of people who will take benefit of your drunken-state. Not ever take a drink from a stranger, make sure to watch out for people slipping things into your cup and don’t do anything more than you have before.

For example, if you have only had two beers before this party, don’t have seven. Don’t test your limits in circumstances that may not be safe. Even if nothing bad happens to you, you’ll humiliate yourself in front of the other party goers.

With the freer atmosphere, there will be more pressure to have sex with people who may or may not know. If you’re okay with casual sex soberly, then at least use protection. Don’t let your guard down, people understand your drunk and you’re less aware of your actions. If you are worried about getting too drunk and someone trying to coax you into a sexual act, bring a friend or two to keep you in line. We all have been that friend at some point.