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Question and Answer #7

Hey Dean, I feel like I should know this already, but how do I know for sure if I’m really in the “friend zone”? I’ve been talking to this girl for awhile now and while we flirt and what not, and she hasn’t started dating anyone else, I’m stuck at the moment. Things haven’t progressed. Am I in the “friend…

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Step 1: Identify The Core Reasons

Step 1: Identify The Core Reasons There are two questions you need to answer (be brutally honest with yourself): what was the key reason why she broke up with you, and what was the key reason why she fell in love with you in the first place? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you to implement the Negative…

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7 Animal Inspired Sex Positions

7 Animal-Inspired Sex Positions

Intellect and opposable thumbs are pretty much what separates humans to animals however we share a distinct similarity, namely both of us get that horny feeling. The smell of an ass in heat gets both humans and animals in a frenzied state and gets us to do extraordinary things at all costs to deposit a load into a steaming hot…

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Question and Answer #22

“Dean Cortez! Hey, I know everybody wants to be with younger women, but I’m the opposite. I love the older ladies. Not senior citizen old, but older than me. The problem is that I’m young-looking as it is and I have a hard time getting older women to give me a chance. I’ve heard it all- “I have a little brother your age” or even “you…

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