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Learn how to get more girls, and hotter girls, with these proven attraction and dating tactics.

How To Turn Girls On With Text Messages

Hey, it’s your wingman Dean Cortez and I want to give you a quick lesson about TEXT MESSAGING. (This is super important, so pay attention…) You know hot girls are attached to their phones. And they’re TEXTING all day long. So, you need to know how to master the “text game.” When you get a girl’s phone number, you need to know the…

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Practical Advice On How To Get Girls To Like You

Practical Guidance On The best way to Get Girls To Like You If there were an ultimate secret to romance, somebody would have written it down a long time ago, made millions and would be living a life of profound luxury. Unfortunately, there is no exact science to how to get girls to like you. Why? Girls are human beings,…

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