Be The Best Wingman Ever!

Playing the role of a decent wingman is never laid-back. It’s all about the art of imperceptibly leading all the attention to a friend, while you still make a pronounced impression.

Do you know how to be a good wingman? Here’s your complete guide to being the best wingman ever. In team sports like basketball, or just about any other beer swigging audience game, the triumph of the team relies uniquely on team-work and nothing else.

A pack of wolves or a pride of lions hunt their prey better when they do it as an entity. Things aren’t very diverse with humans either. When you try to score with a chick, your work becomes much cooler when you have a good wingman standing up for you.

We’re not talking about that aviator-stuck-with-chewing-gum co-pilot who supports the main pilot, by riddling holes through the enemy lines and pumping lead through bad asses.

While the pilot scans the skies for enemies coming in from behind or from either side. Nevertheless, that is absolutely a good account, if some chick ever asks you.

Do we need to remind the uber-importance of having a good wingman? A broham who will do whatever it takes to get the job done for the other guy.

It is certainly the mark of a true friend. Men at some point in life have to be on Red Alert when it comes to hooking up a close friend with a gorgeous girl. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. This needs strategic preparation and outstanding strategizing, or else we’d remain stags or chew the wrong fish. The ocean is vast but the docks and boats are few, and above them is the time-out routine.

When a guy visits a bar on Friday night, the ultimate goal is to meet a bonny girl who will be a sugary lover and buddy forever, which almost certainly will not happen. The next acceptable outcome is to encounter a hot one-night stand.

This may not happen either. Next on the list is any non-STD-suffering, breathing female who is frantic and ready to go to bed with any similarly qualified male. There is a ray of a chance that this might happen.

The most likely possibility is that the guy will hang out with his guy friends, maybe talk to a couple of girls, and go home alone. The worst case scenario is that a guy will hang out by himself all night and look like a complete loser when the bar closes, because he clearly came to score and failed despondently. So where are we getting here? Well, ahem, to the part where we mention that a wingman is significant. The wingman provides several essential services not to make all those scenarios happen. Above all, what have you got to lose by having a buddy around, other than your reticence?

Friendship is important and is super fine. No one wants to go to a bar and hang out alone. If there are no available women and the night is a washout, the two guys can pretend like they’re just there to catch up like long-time-no-see pals who’re kewl! But the goal is to score. Every guy knows that girls never, ever ever, travel alone.

Be cautious if a girl is alone at a bar. Go figure if she’s wearing crotch less panties. She’s either a skank or she has a truly enormous, spiteful boyfriend with a name like “John Bresko” who will come after you and thump your face for touching his girl.

Guys know that quality girls always travel in pairs or more. Guys also know that girls will never leave their girlfriend alone. The friend must be provided for. Once the available girls have been spotted and a conversation kicked started, the main challenge facing every guy and his wingman is “The Separation of the Girls – Vol I”. The goal is to find a girl who is willing to be separated from her girl pal, and then go home with the bloke she’s just met.

This means that the wingman will be left behind, which is entirely understood from the beginning. Most wingman missions are planned in advance, which adds to the dedication and importance of this wingman’s lost suicide mission.

The idea of this feature series is to advise you on winging rules, both stated by various ‘lead players’ around the globe as well as our expert interpretations and additional rules to introduce into your own game. Furthermore, we have endeavored to explain various winging techniques and theories that apply to the fine art of winging in social life.

These are the must-do and shouldn’t-do stuff to be the best wingman in any turf wherever.

So are you ready to be the best wingman ever?