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Questions & Answers, Part 1

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)Join The Internet’s #1 Newsletter For Free Dating Tips (Spots Are Limited!)   When I created M.A.C.K. Tactics with the help of a personal friend and former hostage negotiator (we’ll refer to him as The Negotiator from now on), I knew I could help a lot of guys….

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How To Make Hot Women Say “Yes”

Attracting women is as hard as earning a bachelor’s degree. Indeed, most men had spent tons of hard cash in order to make the girl say “yes” for a date. In fact, there are times wherein the date might end very abruptly without gaining an advantage. Most men, expect to have the chance to kiss her (at least) before bringing…

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Tales From the Front Lines: How Adam Lost His Cool (And His Girlfriend)

In college, we had large, extended groups of friends we knew through sports and other activities. Some of these friends actually helped us learn a lot about relationships, mostly because we were able to observe their blunders and mishaps firsthand. One such person was a guy we’ll call Adam (for future reference, all names will be changed in the stories…

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Control Her Mind, Control Her Body

I once watched a great man on television who proclaimed he could have people do whatever he wanted them to do. These people fell into a spell and did everything he said, followed every command, and he would use this power to make them do embarrassingly funny things on television. When the people came to they were asked if they…

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How to Turn a First Date into a Second Date

There are numerous things or behavior you should never do on a first date – that is, if you want the person to like you and agree to have a second date with you. One of the utmost grievances of women is the issue of punctuality. No one wants to sit around for an hour, dressed and ready to go,…

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What If Your Ex Won’t Text You Back?

Is She Doesn’t Reply… If your initial text or email doesn’t get a reply from her, don’t panic. Keep in mind, she could be busy with a million different things. You just don’t know. Maybe she didn’t get right back to you right away because… • She’s having a stressful day • She’s traveling somewhere • She has no phone…

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Be The Best Wingman Ever!

Playing the role of a decent wingman is never laid-back. It’s all about the art of imperceptibly leading all the attention to a friend, while you still make a pronounced impression. Do you know how to be a good wingman? Here’s your complete guide to being the best wingman ever. In team sports like basketball, or just about any other…

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(Steal These) 26 Killer Lines to Boost Attraction in a Woman

Hey, Dean Cortez here… I know you signed up for this newsletter for tips on how to get your ex back, and the “Ex Back Experts” system lays out the whole step-by-step plan for making it happen… But a lot of guys are aware that I’m also the guy who created “Mack Tactics,” which has taught thousands of guys around…

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Question and Answer #5

Mr. Cortez, You and The Negotiator are my heroes! Seriously, you guys are amazing. I’m reading your stuff and it’s like you know exactly what to do with women ALL THE TIME! I feel like I know plenty now as well, but there’s one “sticking point” I still can’t get past. I have serious anxiety when it comes to approaching…

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