Attracting Hot Single Women


If you have been a single man for fairly long time, it is likely that your knowledge and your skills in enticing a woman need a little bit of practice already.

Make sure to apprise yourself with the newest style trends but do not take it too earnestly.

Make sure that you do not give an imprint that you know more about fashion than she does, she would think that you might be gay.

It is enough that you have enough information about the clothing items that equals your looks.

Reality is if you want to draw single women, you need to pay attention to how you look. No one would pay attention and become engrossed to you if you look like you did not even exert any effort to dress well or to groom yourself suitably.

Your physical appearance is what women will get to see when you first meet them. It would be your primary key to get noticed.

Make sure that you have clean-shaven or trimmed your beard and mustache neatly; also take time to check your nose hair because it can be such a turn off. Another thing that you should take notice of is your nails.

Single women can occasionally have that eagle eye which can see even the tiniest dirt you have in your nails. Never go out with such dirty nails because it can be the reason for a girl not to take any attention at you. Good smelling fragrance is also one reason why a woman is attracted to a man.

You have to recall though, that using too much cologne can exasperate a woman. A few sprays of your favorite cologne will do. As long as it can still be smelled and as long as you smell good.

The formerly stated tips are mostly regarding physical aspects. It is not being shallow but being realistic that your looks are the first thing that a woman may take notice of.

Now, if you already caught the attention of the single women you like, the next step would be all up to you and your personality. You may look, dress and smell good, but if you do not have a good personality, it will still go to waste. Make sure you know how to initiate a conversation and as well as how to endure it.

Dead air means you two have nothing much to talk about and there really is not much of a connection going on. If you really want to work it out and entice the girl, be witty. You can tell her how pretty she looks in that dress, or how you would like to try one of her hobbies.

Be a good communicator. Do not just do the talking; allow her to talk as well. Do not just listen and say nothing. Conversation is about two people exchanging ideas, you have to remember that.

If all goes well you may even get a good night kiss and a request to go on a second date.