Do These Alpha Male Traits Describe You?

alpha male

Dominant but not loud. Powerful but not bullying. Are you those?

Perhaps you imagine an Alpha Man as the kind who comes in a room and commandeers everyone with his presence and authority. Someone you don’t dare cross but follow. A person you do not want to be enemies with.

Kind of but not quite.

A real Alpha Male does make everyone look to him as a leader and lend him their ears without even really telling other people to do so. However, he does so without overt aggression or intimidation. He does it with quiet authority and power. And he gains the respect of those around him because of that.

Of course, not all Alphas are made alike. There are the Gordon Ramsey types who command both respect and fear because of their aggressiveness. But no matter how different Alpha Males are, they all have the traits that make them the man they are. See if these are yours too:

• Natural leadership skills

What distinguishes an Alpha Man from one who is trying to be one is that he is cool and composed about being the dominant force in a group. It’s like he knows that he’s got that as a birthright and don’t need to assert his authority – he just is. You’ll know he’s Alpha when group interactions center on him or his inputs even when he’s with people he has just met. And this happens often, if not always.

• Drive

“Slacker” and “quitter” are labels that definitely don’t describe him. They’re not in his vocabulary and has no plans including them. He’s always striving for a goal relentlessly and is always moving forward and onward. He’s constantly active and only lays low when it contributes to a successful result. Definitely no couch potato! But it doesn’t mean he don’t know how to relax or enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Just look at Richard Branson, billionaire businessman and founder of 400-company Virgin Group. He operates his empire usually from his vacation home in Necker Island, which he owns. He has been observed running his businesses in beach wear while lounging on a hammock, with a phone in his ear.

• Firmness

His will is strong and is typically unmoved. He certainly is far from being a wuss. He takes no orders but gives his own. If faced with much opposition, he just goes ahead with his convictions, risky decisions, and stubborn will to make his vision happen. Say, if he wants a certain woman, no obstacle is enough to make him stop his quest. Rejections and withering looks don’t faze him. He just comes back with a new strategy up his sleeve.

• Intelligence

He’s creative, cunning, and clever. If there’s a blocked door, he will find another entrance one way or the other. He likes to analyze and determine the most logical schemes that will help him earn his prize. He certainly doesn’t waste time making excuses but busies himself with creating windows of opportunity for himself where there are none.

• Goal setting and achieving mindset
Once he’s accomplished an objective, it’s not long before he’s made a new one. Wasn’t it said that an Alpha Male is active and always on the move? Not just that, he makes sure he hits his target too.

• Confidence

He’s not afraid to be put into new situations or given new challenges. He does not fear other people, even when they’re considered more successful than him. He’s not above taking on bigger opponents and using unconventional strategies to do so. That’s because he’s not afraid of failure because he knows there are lessons to learn in every venture. When it comes to dating, he knows there are plenty of fish in the sea and that he can have his pick.

• Undeniable presence

No one passes over an Alpha Man. His presence always makes an impact on people. It could be due to his height, looks, manner of speaking, track record, style, confidence, or everything combined. A woman would immediately know when he’s in the room because he radiates supreme coolness and self-assurance.

• Superior looks
He’s tall (or looks like it), dresses smartly, is physically fit, and is well-groomed. He knows appearance is important and shows it. And girls love it.

• Charismatic

This is why Alpha Men are revered even though all they did was show up and exchange a few words with some people. They exude that special something that makes others want to follow him to the ends of the earth no matter what. Think of those Alpha world leaders who’ve made despotic or controversial decisions. Wonder why their subordinates do as they say? It’s not mainly because they fear for their lives. It’s because they got that extra something that endears them to their followers like they’re Pied Pipers.

• Testosterone-rich

A university study found that men whose ring fingers are longer than their index had more testosterone and are thus more likely to take risks. They also are more likely to be rich too. Are you checking your digits now?

If you want to be an Alpha Man, develop the abovementioned Alpha Male traits yourself or take steps to strengthen such attributes, if you think you do have them. You’d find yourself getting more attention from the ladies the nearer you are to Alpha status.