Adam Gilad Dating Younger Women With Dignity

Adam Gilad On Dating Younger Women With Dignity

Wouldn’t you rather be dating hot, sexy, fun YOUNGER WOMEN who have no baggage? Then you need to take the lead with wisdom, compassion, a sense of fun and a keen interest in her future.

Remember – barring alien invasions or car accidents – she probably has a lot more future than you do.

And that’s where her mind is. She wants to experience the world more fully…

…and YOU should be her conduit to that.

My friend Adam Gilad has created a program to lead you through how to date hot, beautiful,
younger women step by step.

You can watch his eye-opening presentation here:

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Adam Gilad On Dating Younger Women

Let me break down what’s inside the program….

You’ll get:

1: The Adam Gilad Date Younger Skills Workbook – which shows you IN DETAIL how to speak with, approach, ask questions to, create startling dates and escalate sexually with younger women in a way that makes you the “charming man of experience” younger women fantasize about – and not a creeper.

2: The 10 Top Mistakes Men Make With Younger Women – a special report on what younger women HATE and how to do the exact opposite.

3: The 6 Levels of Sex – this is a unique guide to how to lead a less experienced young women into realms of sexuality she’s never experienced. You’ll know exactly where you stand sexually with a woman and how to open her erotically deeper and deeper into profound intimacy.

4: Actual Online Exchanges – this is Adam’s special gift to you. He’s been dating women in their 20’s for the last few years, and even a few who were 19, and have been meeting them online even though he’s 25-30 years older.

And you know what? He shows you how to be fun, open, passionate and natural.

He shows you how to be this way with younger women by reprinting word for word profiles and email exchanges with younger women so that you can model and make them your own. Again – this is not “theory.”

This is his precious and much loved life. And he’s sharing it with you, so younger women feel dignified and LUCKY to be meeting you.

5: The Art of Bold Conversation – this is one of the best and most powerful pieces Adam has ever written. It shows you in DETAIL how to lead women into powerful flirtation and then into deeply
profound, emotionally raw conversations where they feel your presence, your solidity and your natural masculine appeal.

6: Handling the Haters – this is one of the most FUN pieces Adam’s written – kind of a snappy answers to stupid questions handbook.

Look, racism and religious prejudice are now scorned as obstacles to dating. Haters are haters. And ageism is the last of the “acceptable” hating done to men in dating.

Join Adam Gilad in reversing that hate-speech with the responses he gives you to tell your friends and her friends and all the repressed, jealous dumbasses that feel they have the right to
tell you who you have the right to date!

That’s just a rough overview.

If you want to date younger women like I do and like the other guys who freaking LOVE THEIR LIFE do – then download the whole program here:

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It’s still at its introductory low price for members of our community only – before he opens it up to the larger world.

Date Younger the right way.

And everything you need to do it right is RIGHT HERE:

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Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez