The Short-Term Relationship

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)Join The Internet’s #1 Newsletter For Free Dating Tips (Spots Are Limited!)   Exception 5: The Short-Term Relationship This is the most important of the exceptions, because in this situation, having an extended No Contact period with her can kill your chances of getting…

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Rules Of Approaching Women

Rules Of Approaching Women   There are only two possible outcomes: she’s going to be fun, or boring. I got this simple but ingenious piece of advice from my friend Jon Sinn, the famed pickup artist. Don’t think in terms of her accepting you or rejecting you. Tell yourself that she’s either going to be a fun person to get…

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How To Get Girls To Like You In Four Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered how to get girls to like you? Are some people just born with natural charm, or is there something you can do to learn how to get girls to like you? Actually it is a combination of both. While getting girls is not a science, there are things you can do that will help you become…

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Question and Answer #19

“Hi Dean, I feel like my overall game is pretty good and I have M.A.C.K. Tactics to credit for a lot of that. (OK, most of it, ha ha) Still though, I find myself getting cast into the friend role more than I’d like to. I feel like I’m using innuendos, suggestions, and body contact enough, but maybe I’m not? Is…

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Physical Fitness and Dating: Inseparable Bond

It doesn’t take a genius for people to understand that individuals who are overweight don’t get the same amount and quality of dates as those who stay in good shape. Even though the notion of “big, bold and gorgeous” is flaunted by people who are overweight it really isn’t something most people are engrossed in. Within our biological makeup we…

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What Women Want in a Man

Many guys are pretty confused about what women want in a man. Women are unsurprisingly drawn to some men, and similarly, women can’t help but drift away from some other men. So what makes a guy a pronounced guy and what makes him an onlooker? Here are five traits of a great guy that all women love. So if you…

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Make Small Talk Sexy Bobby Rio

Make Small Talk Sexy – Bobby Rio Secrets   Hey, it’s your buddy Dean Cortez, the mastermind behind the M.A.C.K. Tactics system. I’ve has shown dudes around the world how to EXCEL with women…but right now, I need to get real with you. If you want to create attraction in a woman, you must possess the ability to TALK. It…

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Superb Techniques To Attract Women

Seeing beautiful girls in the club or at the bar is a usual experience. However, bringing beautiful and hot girls home is never a common experience among men. Let’s admit that not all of us are given the chance to have a way towards women. You might have been a six-pack abs. You have a handsome face and a high-paying…

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Question and Answer #24

“Dean, I feel like my standards are too high. The thing is, I’m honest with myself and I’m not really a great looking guy- I’m just “okay”. That’s fine, I’m not self-conscious about it, but I DO think it is limiting my chances with women. See, since I have high standards, I’m not willing to bother with women that are verweight, plain looking, or just don’t…

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